Wind turbines - power of the future

Dansk Vindenergi is a privately owned Danish energy company. Our wind turbines produce green electricity equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of approx. 25,000 Danish households, and we develop new wind turbine projects.

We support and contribute to a greener future through our daily work.

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Development of new projects with a focus on green conversion

Dansk Vindenergi ApS works continuously with the development of a number of new wind turbine projects in Denmark. The wind turbine projects include modern wind turbines in the size 3.6 MW to 7.2 MW.

Our business partners in the wind turbine industry

We collaborate with the most important companies and organizations in the Danish wind turbine industry, who also contribute to shaping the future of sustainable energy.

Receive an offer for your wind turbine

If you want an offer for your wind turbine or your share, you can either contact us at
tel. 20804909, or you can send us information about the wind turbine or wind turbines.

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