WindWorld W-2320 150 kW

WindWorld W-2320/150kW

Rotor diameter 23,2 m

30 m hub height

Year: 1989

Price 25.000 Euro. incl. dismantling and loading

WindWorld W-2320 150 kW

The turbine is still in operation and is available for dismantling now.

Technical Specification
Type: WindWorld W2320/150kW
Rotor diameter: 23,2 m
Swept area: 423 m2
Power regulation by stall
Tower height 29,7 m
Hub height 30,3 m
White tube tower in 3 sections
Power regulation: stall
Number of blades: 3
Freqency: 50 hz
Voltage: 400V
Cut in windspeed 4 m/s
Stop wind 25 m/s
Year 1988
Blade type LM 11m H

Technical Specification

Specifications for download
Below you find copies of original documents regarding this kind of turbine in PDF files. This is general information, and our turbine may vary a little from what you find in the documents.

 » Electrical specification (PDF)

 » Foundation drawing high groundwater (PDF)

 » Technical description Windworld W-2320 (PDF)

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